Anonymous whispered: I just followed you and may I ask; how exactly can I ask you for a Confession? (sorry for bothering)

Just send it in through the ask box :)

Anonymous whispered: Not a confession - remember a while back the icon here was a still from the old Hobbit cartoon of Bilbo getting his arse dusted off by one of the dwarves? Could you please post that image again perhaps? I haven't been able to find it :D

There you go ;) xx

Sorry about the extremely long absence everyone. I’ve been so busy with class and work and what little time I’ve been able to come online has been spent on my personal. I’ll try to post a little more now that things have somewhat calmed down. Thanks to everyone who’s stuck around through my hiatus, you all are awesome. ♥

Anonymous whispered: would you ever be interested in getting a co owner?

I need to, as you can probably tell. 

But the two I had in the past kind of turned me off on the idea…and not to mention the fact that I have a hard time trusting people anyways. 

We’ll see. xx