Morning/Afternoon, everyone, just wanted to throw a little something out there that you might find helpful/useful/interesting:

I received a message from a new blog called houses-of-healing that’s dedicated to helping people.

Here’s a little description from one of the co-owners:

Sometimes we need a little extra support. Sometimes wounds don’t heal on their own, or we worry at them constantly, reopening them and leaving scars behind. Sometimes we need to talk, but don’t have anyone to talk to.

The Houses of Healing are a safe space for all those who need a little support, need to ask questions, need advice, and whose hearts dwell in Middle-earth. Here you can ask questions of, rant to (or whatever it is you need to begin to heal) your favourite LOTR and Hobbit characters.

I, personally, think it’s a really great idea and I really want to see this blog grow because I know there are some of you out there that don’t necessarily have anyone to go to when you need help or advice. So, please check out this blog and give them a follow. Also, if you would point this in the direction of any Tolkien fans, there’s a good chance you would help someone who needs help themselves. Thanks everyone, have a great day! xx